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Learn to Run Safe

Running Assessment and Video Analysis

Prior to setting out on a fun run, for daily training or an event, it’s essential to equip oneself with the awareness of the correct running techniques. Lack of which may result in adverse effect on your body thus aggravating the suffering. In order to steer away from them, Podiatry Running Assessment and video analysis are offered. Assessment and patient education also take into account the video analysis provided by Melbourne Sports Podiatry.

Getting an exercise program, strengthened training exercises that are woven into the patient’s program based on the run technique assessment is efficiently done by Sports Podiatry. Having a deeper understanding of the self and which exercises and techniques followed at home could foster faster running ability and wipe out the risk of running-related injuries.

If you have been recently battling with the uneasiness and discomfort in your feet, ankle, knee or leg, then here’s your chance to free yourself from all the issues rather than sitting back at home and hoping it’ll all get sorted with rest. Sports Podiatry in Melbourne also treat running related injuries with not only technical advice but treatments such as dry needling, massage, taping and footwear modifications.

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